Explore Projects Across the Lootverse

Loot Watcher

The easiest place to track the Loot ecosystem.


Graphs Loot projects so you can see your progress in the LootVerse.

Unbundle Your Bag

Unbundle your Loot Bags into individual Lootmart items that you can trade and use to upgrade your Adventurer in the Loot universe.

Community Engagement Projects

Loot Alliance

A collective of builders, designers, and geeks working together as representatives of the wider Lootverse community to shepherd the ongoing Loot website, in order to create a strong foundation for players and builders.

Divine DAO

A lore-driven DAO dedicated to communal world-building around Loot.


Loot derivative project including $FLOOT tokens and Familiars NFTs.

Inspired By Loot

n Project

Randomized generated numbers stored on chain. Feel free to use n in any way you want.


Treasure for Loot.

Dope Wars

Dope Wars. A community run project. Free and fair public launch.

Adventure Cards

Loot bag, owner, and transfer subgraph by @shahruz

Toodle Loot Bag

10,000 advanced Loot Bags engineered by Cryptoodles. Generate $TODL tokens from Loot, mLoot, and Toodle Loot Bags to stake and earn rewards.


Spaces run by the community for Loot enthusiasts to share news and build together:

  • Loot Community Discord For all things Loot and derivatives (note: high traffic)

  • Loot Talk (Forum) A place for structured discussion of all things Loot, for builders and the community

  • Loot Builders Discord Focused on developers, artists, and writers with minimal derivative, token, and market chat

  • Loot Travel The Art of movement. Travel NFTs for the Lootverse.


Guild divided by items and attributes:

Market Trackers

Tools to keep track of Loot by attributes:

Derivative Projects

Projects that remix or build on top of Loot. Because Loot is decentralized, there are *no* 'official' derivatives, tokens, or DAOs. Please note that this list is community submitted and projects are *not* audited. Large errors are possible, up to and including loss of funds. Do your own research and proceed with caution: