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Loot Contracts

L2 & Sidechain Information

Due to gas and congestion issues on mainnet, there is ongoing discussion to coordinate on how to best move Loot to L2s, sidechains, and other similar approaches.

If you are interested in participating, please join #l2 on the Builders Discord.

Expansion packs / modules

In order to approve discoverability and reduce gas costs for the community member, there is an initiative to create an "expansion pack" format that would allow new modules to be deployed and automatically associated with Loot.

If you are interested in participating, please head to the Builder's Discord and join #gas-free-expansions.

Developer Tools

Loot Subgraph

Loot bag, owner, and transfer subgraph by @shahruz

Loot Rarity

Loot attributes and rarities sheet by @AustinGreen

Loot SDK

TypeScript wrapper to loot subgraph by @shahruz

Loot Components

Utility contract to easily interact with Loot properties solidity.


A javascript library that allows you to interact with loot and more loot contracts by @0x84A

Visulizations & Sounds


Loot bag and item rarity explorer by @scotato

Loot Rarity Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet to add rarity colors to OpenSea by @bpierre

Pixel Character Generator

Generates pixel characters from loot bags

Loot sounds

Sounds for loot attributes by @geeogi

All Developer Tooling

Aggregated resources built by the Loot community: