Loot is randomized adventurer gear generated and stored on chain. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use Loot in any way you want.

The Quest begins here

Start here: Get a Loot Bag

8,000 Bags full of Loot, discovered by Adventurers. Where did they come from? What stories do they hold? Collect a bag, learn its story, and begin your adventure.

Loot (for Adventurers)

The original 8,000 OG Loot bags.

Synthetic Loot

Loot bags for everyone, free and tied to your Ethereum address. There are 2^256 Synthloot bags.

More Loot

1.5 million bags of More Loot (or "mLoot"), with ~250,000 more available per year. They are free to claim.

Genesis Loot

A collaborative, community project to summon the spirits of the original 2,540 Genesis Adventurers.

Cost: 0.25 + gas
Chapter 1

Gear up

Mint, claim, or trade additional items

Banners (for Adventures)

Banners is the society and politics layer for Loot. In a world full of Adventurers, Banners represents everyone else in the Realms. Each of the 25,000 Banners has thousands of strengths, connections and family members.

Crypts and Caverns

On-chain dungeon maps that provide a sense of place for the lootverse. Each dungeon map contains floors, walls, doors, and points of interest. Dungeon maps can be used by text, 2D, or 3D games in the Lootverse.

Distill Genesis Mana with your Loot bag.

All bags with items 'of' Orders have free Genesis Mana inside them. Collect a perfect set of 8 Genesis Mana in order to summon the spirit of a Genesis Adventurer and receive its “Genesis Loot” bag.

Cost: Gas
Rings (for Loot)

Rings (for Loot) is the first and largest 3D interpretation of an entire category in Loot. Adventurers, builders, and artists are encouraged to reference Rings (for Loot) to further expand on the imagination of Loot.

Settle a Realm

8000 Procedurally generated Realms for Adventurers to explore. 16 orders rule 500 Realms each. Prepare for the wars to come.

Level Up

The Rift is leveling infrastructure for Loot, more Loot, and Genesis Adventurers. Playing across the Lootverse will earn your bag XP, and as you level up you'll be able to perform more powerful actions. Loot builders that integrate with Rift can use bag levels, and reward XP to users.

Chapter 2

Get Your Character

Who carried these Loot bags? Where did they come from? What are their stories?

Mint a Loot Character

Loot Characters is the first collection designed to visualize the Loot Adventurer Gear. Associative NFT, forever tied to the Loot bag from which it was minted.

Cost: 0.2 + gas
Mint a Loot Explorer

Explorer characters with their own distinct classes, equipped with loot which are generated based off the first 8000 genesis bags of loot.

Cost: 0.04 + gas
Visualize Your Adventurer

HyperLoot is a collection of unique characters generated based on the items from your Loot and mLoot bags. Each HyperLoot grants an access to the Hyperverse.

Cost: 0.05 + gas

High quality 3D model assets based on Loot you can use in game dev. Add M3taloot to your custom avatar and go on adventures with indies making VR content together.

Get a Loot Swag Avatar

Customize loot avatars through skins.


Lootpunk is the young and trendy profile picture for you to show off your status as a Loot investor. There are 8000 Lootpunks, and each one is uniquely designed based on the rarity of your own Loot bag.

Cost: 0.01 + gas
Chapter 3

Go on Quests

Go on adventures and visit undiscovered corners of the Lootverse.

a quest

This is a decentralized game of grand cooperation, puzzle solving, and difficult decisions. It unfolds in several phases, involving key objectives and a final raid. Along the way, players will earn trophies and make new friends in the form of NFTs.


Explore 50,000 points of interest across the Realms, including OG Loot, Genesis Loot, Crypts & Caverns. Through the Atlas, read and write lore of the past, present and future of the Lootverse.

The Crypt

Releasing chapter by chapter, the Crypt is a series of raiding games centred around the discovery of the lost Relics. It has been said that the unearthing of these Relics may lead to a cataclysm of unimaginable proportions…